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  • Opening Time : 8:00am-07:00pm
  • Address :E-97/20, Bengali Colony, Mahavir Enclave , New Delhi- 110045

Founder’s Message

The right educational foundation for a child starts with a Preschool. It is the first learning step that acts as a basis for all future learning and prepares children to meet with more complex school education and its challenges ahead. Children, especially in the age range of 2-4, have exceptionally high rates of retention, good memory and improved learning levels.  Preschools have the responsibility of building a positive environment where the teachers orient a child’s development in the right direction by working on their social behavior, motor skills, language development and emotional development. Universal Kids has adopted the curriculum of Kreedo Early Childhood Solutions, the art, science and commerce of preschools. Universal Kids is a place where child feels like home, qualified,trained and experienced teachers take care of kids, CCTV Surveillance & total care on safety and security of kids, Education with advanced teaching materials and education and fun trips.